Remove gird/ticklines from graph

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Remove gird/ticklines from graph

Postby richbranch » Thu Jun 27, 2024 12:29 pm


Question on a graph I'm building in eviews12 (see attachment).

I'm trying to remove the whole grid.

Using "DI.axis(a) font(Arial,12) -grid ticksnone" it removed the grid/ticklines from y axis, but it doesn't remove them from the x axis.

Any thoughts?
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EViews Matt
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Re: Remove gird/ticklines from graph

Postby EViews Matt » Fri Jun 28, 2024 10:45 am


Sine the x axis is a time axis rather than a data axis, it's the "Obs & Date axis grid lines" setting rather than the "Data scale grid lines" setting that controls the x axis grid lines. Instead of turning off grid lines for the bottom data axis (which isn't applicable), turn off the date axis grid lines, e.g.

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DI.options gridnone

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