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suspicion that Fan chart is not working correctly

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 2:27 pm
by QIO
hi everyone,
ive tried to post this as question in the model forum but no one seems to answer, so lets try it here; I am testing various ARIMAX auto-selected models and their applicability for producing benchmark models. For this I have also solved models via the stochastic option to produce fan charts (using simulation). To produce the forecast with standard error bounds one can simply add to the forecast trajectory (in the non panel worksheet) to the projected variable (see below)

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Now this can be replicated within the simulated panel with calling for graph>mean plus SD bounds> or
However, if I select mean plus SD bounds>Fan chart the outcome is something totally different, it seems that the process has become more like an additive Brownian motion (making variables go negative, something not possible since I am using log processes for the ARIMA specification)

Do I get something wrong on what the FAN element is doing when applying it to mean? When using median the elements look to be correct (see attached word doc for comparing the charts)
ps: sorry, i was not able to paste the images directly into the forum