SVAR impulse response functions (methods and confidence level)

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SVAR impulse response functions (methods and confidence level)

Postby da8to » Tue Sep 19, 2023 5:30 am

I am using Eviews 12 university edition and I have a question regarding estimation of SVARs. It seems that there are limitations in terms of the choices about the response standard errors. It seems I cannot choose the confidence intervals for some of the options (asymptotic, MonteCarlo, etc.). While trying other options, such as a confidence level of 70%, I got "Internal Error 505". This limitation was not listed in the advert for this edition.
Did anyone else ever experience this issue?

Kind regards,

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Re: SVAR impulse response functions (methods and confidence level)

Postby Celin_Her » Tue Nov 14, 2023 12:35 pm

Hello, i have the next simple code:
freeze(mode=overwrite, graph_ir1) var2.impulse(se=a, rep=1000, imp=struct) ciclo_eua ip_x_cc comex_cc dem_int_cc y_cc @ ciclo_eua
graph_ir1.addtext(t, font(20), [+/ b], Funciones de Impulso-Respuesta de un Shock del Ciclo de EUA)

We have 5 graph, how can change the title in each graphs?

Thank you..

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