Allow for panel=c option in auxiliary graph elements such as linefit

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Allow for panel=c option in auxiliary graph elements such as linefit

Postby mamo » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:31 am

Dear Eviewers,

I use Eviews 10 March 2018 built

I'd like to suggest that future version of Eviews have the option of creating combined auxiliary elements in scat and xy graphs, such as "linefit()", for panel data.

Currently, auxiliary specifications such as "linefit()", in xy- or scat-graphs which are based on panel data apply to each cross-section individually, rather than combined, and there is no way to change this.

The example below illustrates this: the "linefit()" auxiliary option to the scat graph command generates four regression lines. There is no option to generate only one line as simple OLS over the whole dataset.

This could be implemented by a "panel=c" option within the respective auxiliary graph call, such as "linefit(panel=c)". Additionally, one would wish that the option "panel=c" would apply automatically to the auxiliary call such as "linefit" if it has already been invoked in the higher level call (e.g., "scat(panel=c)").

Best mamo

Code: Select all

'create panel wf
wfcreate a 2000 2010 4
' create some data
series x=nrnd
series y=2*x+0.3+nrnd*2
'create scatterplot including linefit
group gr x y
freeze(mode=overwrite, {%gra}) gr.scat(panel=c) linefit()
'some cosmetics
{%gra}.legend -display
for !i=1 to !n
   _$gra.setelem(!i) symbol(FILLEDCIRCLE) symbolsize(Large) linecolor(@rgb(0,0,255))
{%gra}.setelem(1) legend()
{%gra}.axis(alll) format(dec=0)
'show scatterplot; there are four lines from linefit,
' and no way to have only one for the combined panel

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