Compatibility and accessibility of EViews with popular screen reader softwares.

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Compatibility and accessibility of EViews with popular screen reader softwares.

Postby VIKASDIXIT » Thu Jan 06, 2022 1:33 am

Hello all! Season's greetings! I am writing this post after using EViews for about twelve years or so. I have been a user of EViews since its seventh version. I am visually challenged and, therefore, depend upon screen reader softwares, such as Jaws, NVDA and Narrator for my computer works. Unfortunately, I have never found EViews quite compatible and accessible with popular computer screen readers; and hence, I face a lot of difficulty in using this software despite its popularity amongst analytical softwares. Be it a matter of inserting equations, reading outputs or using commands in EViews, screen readers become silent when I try to navigate using arrow keys or other keyboard commands. As a result, I have to select and copy-paste the contents of EViews window into some other programme like Excel or Word to read them. Thus, I also face problem if I wish to edit some content directly in EViews window. Not only this, the mathematical expressions/equations/formulae and symbols on EViews help webpages under various topics (as well as the pdf versions of user guides, command and object reference, etc.) are not read (or absurdly read) by screen readers, because EViews help webpages or pdf versions of user guides, command reference, etc. do not use interactive Math ML which screen readers use to read/speak math expressions. Furthermore, I have not seen surveys from EViews to invite users' feedback on its functionality and features.
In view of the above, May I request the EViews moderators to please pass this feedback of mine to the technical team and developers of this software so that they may work on improving the compatibility and accessibility of EViews with popular screen readers in future updates. I am quite aware that EViews offers some key strokes for some functions, but given the graphic design of different menu options, etc of EViews, those key strokes are not very helpful! If some other users wish to throw some light on using EViews with screen readers, they are welcome! I hope to see improved compatibility and accessibility of EViews with screen readers in near future so that visually challenged users of this software may take the maximum benefits of its various features!
Vikas Dixit

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