pool or panel setup

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pool or panel setup

Postby vogelh » Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:44 pm

Using v9.5.
Sorry to bother but having trouble setting data structure, even after reading EViews illustrated. Don't know if pooled or panel structure is best, and would assume fixed effects.

I have 20 indexed observations with rank 1 = 100 and rank 20 declining toward zero. I have such a series of 20 observations for each of 39 years.
Trying to find variables to estimate the index rank so the numbers 1 to 20 are on left column, and dates on top row shown as ser01, ser02...ser39.

So there are 780 pieces of data in all.

What is the best way or the steps I can perform to set up file structure and make an estimate all at once from the entire data (if possible). I've managed to estimate a coefficient for each series in an equation such as obsrank c ser01, which correctly returns a negative coefficient.


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