pool data series

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pool data series

Postby airam » Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:42 am

Dear All,

i need to run a panel data but i have a problem importing data in eviews for panel. Although i read instructions still it is not clear. My datasate is returns of a number of mutual funds where i have 2 series of returns for each mutual fund. the period is the same for each series. The data is unstacked. I have tried to import them by the usual way as the help indicates but when i try to run a pool the poll does not work as the data is not inserted inthe pool. How do i do this? when the data is unstacked the file is imported through pool but when it is unstacked how do i insert them in the pool? I work with eviews 4.1.
I would really appreciate your help as i need to run a significant number of regressions.
Thank you.

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