New MicroTSP Workfile

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New MicroTSP Workfile

Postby tdeco » Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:50 am


I have a particular problem that I hope someone can assist me with. My particular place of work has some old files that were developed before my time with the organization. These files were made in the mid - 1990s. They are New MicroTSP Workfiles and saved with the .dbm extension. I now need to access and work with these files. Unfortunately I have problems opening them into a workable eviews worfile or database. Is there a method or procedure that would allow me to open these old files? I am currently working with EViews 8.

Thank you

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Re: New MicroTSP Workfile

Postby EViews Glenn » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:25 am

Just saw this posting as I don't check this subsection often.

From the manual:
EViews .DB? Files
Early versions of EViews and MicroTSP supported a much more limited set of database operations. Objects could be stored on disk in individual files, with one object per file. Essentially, the disk directory system was used as a database and each database entry had its own file. These files had the extension “.DB” for series, and .DB followed by an additional character for other types of objects. EViews refers to these collectively as .DB? files.
While the new database features added to EViews provide a superior method of archiving and managing your data, .DB? files provide backward compatibility and a convenient method of distributing data to other programs. Series .DB files are now supported by a large number of programs including TSP, RATS, and SHAZAM. Additionally, some organizations such as the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), distribute data in .DB format.

You might want to try the fetch command to read this file. Type fetch at the command line, and then select Individual .DB? files and see if it will open.

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