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External Databases and Date Mismatch

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 3:11 am
by awatt43
Hi there

I am pulling data from Bloomberg and Haver directly into a workfile at a weekly frequency ending on a Saturday.

If I run the commands in my EViews the dates are matched as follows: 12/03 -> 13/03; 19/03 -> 20/03 i.e. if in the database the data is coded to the Friday then it is matched to the following Saturday in EViews.

However, when my colleague runs the same code the data is matched differently with 12/03 -> 06/03 and 19/03 -> 13/03.

This happens with both Haver and Bloomberg data so I am assuming that this is an EViews setting rather than a setting in the databases themselves.

Are you able to advise on how to ensure the behaviour is as in the first instance? And if this is a setting issue - is there a way to code this so that the output of the program is the same regardless of where it is run?