Foreign Database, BLS, limiting out well below 500 query limit

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Foreign Database, BLS, limiting out well below 500 query limit

Postby econmiller » Fri Mar 17, 2023 12:32 pm

I am pulling down about 120 series from the BLS database connection, well short of the 500 query limit, and I keep getting locked out of the API with the statement:

Database Error: BLS library error: 'Request could not be serviced, as the daily threshold for total number of requests allocated to the user with registration key xxxxxxxxxx has been reached.

I'm starting out with zero queries over the last 24 hours (including other platforms like Python and R), yet getting this message consistently. I thought that maybe I'm exceeding the 50-queries-per-10-second rule (, so I broke the query into chucks of 30 each with 10 second spacers and still getting locked out in a fresh 24 hour period. Anyone else have similar experiences? I wonder if my interpretation of one series = one query is correct. My API key is acknowledged and nested in my local DB. Any thoughts will be appreciated.


Below is my code:

Code: Select all

%enddate=@str(@val(@datestr(@now, "YYYY"))+2)  'End date is two years from current year
wfcreate(page=econdata) m 1990 {%enddate}      ' monthly ,start date, end date

fetch(d=bls) _
SMU26000000000000001 SMU26000001000000001 SMU26000002000000001 SMU26000003000000001 _
SMU26000003100000001 SMU26000003200000001 SMU26000004000000001 SMU26000004100000001 SMU26000004200000001 _
SMU26000004300000001 SMU26000005000000001 SMU26000005500000001 SMU26000005552000001 SMU26000005553000001 _
SMU26000006000000001 SMU26000006054000001 SMU26000006055000001 SMU26000006056000001 SMU26000006500000001 _
SMU26000007000000001 SMU26000007071000001 SMU26000007072000001 SMU26000008000000001 SMU26000009000000001 _
SMU26000009091000001 SMU26000009092000001 SMU26000009093000001 CEU0000000001

sleep 10000    ' 10 second sleep required: 50 series per 10 seconds

fetch(d=bls) _
SMU26296200000000001 SMU26296201500000001 SMU26296203000000001 SMU26296203100000001 SMU26296203200000001 _
SMU26296204000000001 SMU26296204100000001 SMU26296204200000001 SMU26296204300000001 SMU26296205000000001 _
SMU26296205500000001 SMU26296206000000001 SMU26296206500000001 SMU26296207000000001 SMU26296208000000001 _
SMU26296209000000001 SMU26296209091000001 SMU26296209092000001 SMU26296209093000001 SMU26198200000000001 _
SMU26198201500000001 SMU26198203000000001 SMU26198203100000001 SMU26198203200000001 SMU26198204000000001 _
SMU26198204100000001 SMU26198204200000001 SMU26198204300000001 SMU26198205000000001 SMU26198205500000001

sleep 10000

fetch(d=bls) _
SMU26198206000000001 SMU26198206054000001 SMU26198206055000001 SMU26198206056000001 SMU26198206500000001 _
SMU26198207071000001 SMU26198207072000001 SMU26198208000000001 SMU26198209000000001 SMU26198209091000001 _
SMU26198209092000001 SMU26198209093000001 SMU26243400000000001 SMU26243401500000001 SMU26243403000000001 _
SMU26243403100000001 SMU26243403200000001 SMU26243404000000001 SMU26243404100000001 SMU26243404200000001 _
SMU26243404300000001 SMU26243405000000001 SMU26243405500000001 SMU26243406000000001 SMU26243406054000001 _
SMU26243406055000001 SMU26243406056000001 SMU26243406500000001 SMU26243407000000001 SMU26243408000000001 

sleep 10000

fetch(d=bls) _
SMU26243409000000001 SMU26243409091000001 SMU26243409092000001 SMU26243409093000001 SMU26224200000000001 _
SMU26224201500000001 SMU26224203000000001 SMU26224204000000001 SMU26224204100000001 SMU26224204200000001 _
SMU26224204300000001 SMU26224205000000001 SMU26224205500000001 SMU26224206000000001 SMU26224206500000001 _
SMU26224207000000001 SMU26224208000000001 SMU26224209000000001 SMU26224209091000001 SMU26224209092000001 _
SMU26224209093000001 SMU26198207000000001

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Re: Foreign Database, BLS, limiting out well below 500 query limit

Postby EViews Gareth » Fri Mar 17, 2023 2:35 pm

I ran your code without any issues (and I haven't used BLS for >year). Perhaps your key is in use elsewhere?
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Re: Foreign Database, BLS, limiting out well below 500 query limit

Postby econmiller » Fri Mar 17, 2023 3:46 pm

Maybe. Thanks!

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