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frrezeing a view of an object generated by an add in in the object's own window

Posted: Wed May 25, 2022 3:35 am
by mamo
Dear Eviews team,

I use Eviews 12 March 21 build.

I noticed that a view generated by an addin cannot be "frozen" using the freeze command. To explain the issue in simple ways, consider, for instance, an add-in named "" containing only one line,

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and which would be registered as an add-In for series. Then, the following code should be expected to generate line-graph of x named "graph1" but it doesn't:

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wfcreate a 2000 2010
series x=nrnd
freeze(graph1) x.myline

It would be great if this approach would become feasible in future versions of Eviews

Kind regards,