Issue related NARDL add-in

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Issue related NARDL add-in

Postby kbzlcg » Tue Jul 20, 2021 8:16 am

Dear All,

I had read earlier posts related to NARDL add-in issue which is similar to what I face. However, none of the responses addresses this issue. Therefore, I post this again to seek advice.

I have both Eviews version 11 and version 12. I have installed NARDL add-in so that I can run asymmetric ARDL model.

However, when I choose Make NARDL model, I get this message "error 2142 in the encrypted program" from both versions. I have watched videos on YouTube on how to install this Add-in and how to run it, for instance the videos by Professor Pat Obi. I still cannot figure out the problem.

Will it be the case that this add-in is only workable at the earlier version of EViews?

Can anyone share the codes on how to run NARDL?

Thank you.

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