Master thesis finance, can eviews help me ?

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Master thesis finance, can eviews help me ?

Postby elliottmagic » Wed Jun 08, 2016 2:57 pm

Good evening,

Hello, sorry if I'm posting this message on the wrong section of the forum I wasn't very sure where to post it. I'm currently writting my master thesis about Micro Cap Stocks in finance.

The title of my thesis entitles " The Micro Cap Stocks niche as a potential investment field for day-traders and the relevance for price building on the secondary market". The goal of my thesis is to show that the stock market is a very competitive place with a lot of institutional investors, HFT, etc.. mostly on the biggest market caps. That's why the alternative "Micro Cap stocks" could be interesting for day-traders. The supervisor of my thesis told me to buy eviews in order to do what I'm trying to achieve. So I'm asking you if you think eviews could help my in my work:

In the third part of my work " Application of Financial Economics to Micro-Cap Stocks ", as the title say I have to try to apply the knowledge of corporate finance on Micro Cap Stocks.
So in this part I first need to apply the "Portfolio theory" on Micro Cap Stocks. But I'm not sure how to do that. That's where I'm asking you for you advices because I'm not sure how to proceed. Do you have any idea how could I verify is the portfolio theory is useful and effective in Micro Cap Stocks ? and if eviews could help me build a portfolio simulation ? and can it provide market data on equities' prices or should I import them from let's say datastream or finance yahoo ?

In another part I want to analyse and determine if Technical indicators are useful for micro caps. So I want to set up a strategy, based on past prices, and analyse the return of a portfolio with some rules : for example if the 50 Moving Average intersect with the 200 Moving average then buy the security. And sell when it crosses again. And then run it for let's say 2 months and see the total return of the portfolio. But I'm lost in how to implement and simulate the strategy.. Do you think eviews could help me again ?

Thank you very much for your reading and sorry for the long text :)
If you have any suggestions I would really really be happy to hear them
Best regards

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Re: Master thesis finance, can eviews help me ?

Postby dakila » Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:39 pm

I think you need to buy Eviews. You can buy the cheap verison (student). I advise you to contact with Mr. Trubador by private message.

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Re: Master thesis finance, can eviews help me ?

Postby Arael » Thu Mar 25, 2021 7:19 am

I'm planning to buy the student version as I've seen some great content shared by a lot of the members here.I did a project thanks to eviews and I can definitely have to say it was helpful and for the money I paid a total bargain. I don't disagree with people that find investing an easy task to undertake by all means. I had this idea when I first started trading stocks myself and after I burn the 10 K account I went back to studying everything I know about the topic. I started with the best investing books for beginners and work my way up to the most advanced ones in order to be able to trade like a pro at this point.

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