Expected to see Eviews Workfiles Encryption

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Expected to see Eviews Workfiles Encryption

Postby merito » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:57 pm

Hi All and Eviews Team,

I am heavily rely on the program of Eviews estimation everyday, and it is bravo to see the Programs can be encrypted , however , by the commercial practice , sometimes, the Work-file contains confidential business information and do not want to leakage to the third party user when transition of the Eviews work-files.

So it is highly expected to see advanced work-file encryption option when new higher version of the Eviews appears.

Technique speaking, it is not difficult to add such module into Eviews-Work files, so , in order to built up an more popular Eviews commercial environment, I strongly advice your esteemed team to develop such an option.

Shu Chen

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