How to forcast ARIMA X(0,1,0)

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How to forcast ARIMA X(0,1,0)

Postby eman » Sat Nov 25, 2017 6:14 am

Dear all
I study the consumption of Electricity in series(1998-2016) as shown in attachment, when I used BOX and Jen technique, this series fitted as ARIMA(0,1,0), which mean that is a unit root or random walk series. I have two questions
1- how to forecast the next years (2017-2035) using E views 7 in step by step.
2- if fit ARIMAX model for this series where there are 5 regression dummy variable (x1 - x5) with values("0" mean no effect and" 1 "means there is an effect ), that represent the effect of changing prices, such that
x1 corresponding to 2005 effect (0,1)
x2 corresponding to 2006 effect (0,1)
x3 corresponding to 2007 effect (0,1)
x4 corresponding to 2009 effect (0,1)
x5 corresponding to 2010 effect (0,1)
how can i conduct the estimation and forecasting this series considering those dummy variable using Eviews 7.
many thanks
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Re: How to forcast ARIMA X(0,1,0)

Postby startz » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:27 am

This sounds like a homework problem. You might want to start by telling us what you've done so far and where you are stuck.

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