symbol and symbolsize option

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symbol and symbolsize option

Postby tvonbrasch » Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:27 pm


When making a graph with symbols, the symbolsize option seems to override the symbol option, i.e., the command

Code: Select all

graphname.setelem symbol(none) symbolsize(small)

will still show symbols even though the option "none" is activated....

Is this a bug?

Example below.

Code: Select all

wfcreate a 2000 2010
genr x1= nrnd
genr x2=1/x1+nrnd
genr x3= x1+x2

   %color1 = "@rgb(249,107,96)"   ' red
   %color2 = "@rgb(66,143, 249)" ' "@rgb(17,115,247)"  '"@rgb(54,136,248)"    ' blue
   %color3 = "@rgb(57,172,51)"   ' green
   %color4 = "@rgb(197,192,33)"    ' orange
   'mønster på grafene
   %lpat1 = "solid"
   %lpat2 = "dash4"
   %lpat3 = "dash9"
   %lpat4 =    "dash1"
   'mønster på grafene
   %symbol1 = "none"
   %symbol2 = "none"
   %symbol3 = "none"
   %symbol4 =    "none"
   %symbolsize="6"  'grå fra 1 til 8

graph {%gr}.line x1 x2 x3
{%gr}.options linepat

for !itersc=1 to 3
   {%gr}.setelem({!itersc}) lcolor({%color{!itersccolor}}) lwidth(2.1) legend({%legend}) lpat({%lpat{!itersccolor}})  symbol({%symbol{!itersccolor}}) symbolsize({%symbolsize})
   '{%gr}.setelem({!itersc}) lcolor({%color{!itersccolor}}) lwidth(2.1) legend({%legend}) lpat({%lpat{!itersccolor}})  symbol(none) 'symbolsize({%symbolsize})

show {%gr}

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Re: symbol and symbolsize option

Postby EViews Jason » Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:16 pm

It's not a bug. It's an order of operation issue. Anytime you specify a symbol size, it is assumed you want symbols on, otherwise why did you specify it?

In your example, 'symbol' was processed prior to 'symbolsize' and so it was turned off but then turned back on when the size was specified.

If you flip the order, the size will be set to small and then turned off.

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