Label fields get lost when unstacking series

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Label fields get lost when unstacking series

Postby mamo » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:19 am

Dear Eviews team,

I use Eviews 9.5 Dec 2016 build

I found that the label fields get of a series in a panel structure gets lost when unstacking the series
I am not sure, but assuming that the maximum amount of information should be retained in the process of unstacking, I would consider this a bug
See example code below,

Best, mamo

Code: Select all

' Number of cross sections
' Number of variables
'Create workfile with a panel structure
wfcreate(page=stacked) a 2000 2016 !ncross
'Create an alpha series identifying the cross sections
alpha group
for !i=1 to !ncross
   smpl @all if crossid=!i
   alpha group = "G"+@str(!i)
smpl @all
'Create variables xi with some label fields
for !i=1 to !nvar
   series x{!i}=nrnd
   %descr="Variable "+@str(!i)
   x{!i}.label(d) %descr
   x{!i}.label(s) "My program"
   x{!i}.label(r) "Some remarks"
   x{!i}.label(u) "NA"
show x1.label
' The unstacked variables loose the label fields
pageunstack(page=unstacked, namepat="?_*")  group @date @ x*
show g1_x1.label

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Re: Label fields get lost when unstacking series

Postby EViews Gareth » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:41 am

No a bug so much as a missing feature. Currently copy operations do no copy attributes.
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