Possible setobslabel bug on unstructured pages

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Possible setobslabel bug on unstructured pages

Postby sebank » Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:37 am


I recently came across the following unpredictable behavior. I am plotting every fourth observation (bar chart) and would like to set the labels for these observations. On a quarterly page, I can set the first, fifth, etc label and get the desired plot. If the page is unstructured, it instead sets every second label.

Here is a small reproducible example:

Code: Select all

WfCreate q 2014Q1 2020Q1
Smpl @All If @Mod(@Trend,4)=0
Series x = nrnd
Graph fig.bar x
fig.setobslabel(clear) lab1
fig.setobslabel(1, current) lab1
fig.setobslabel(5, current) lab5

PageCreate u 1 28
Smpl @All If @Mod(@Trend,4)=0
Series x = nrnd
Graph fig2.bar x
fig2.setobslabel(clear) lab1
fig2.setobslabel(1, current) lab1
fig2.setobslabel(5, current) lab5

Here is the output. Note that lab5 is differently placed.


I am using Standard Edition, Jun 15 2020 build, Eviews 11. I believe that this behavior was absent earlier this spring (maybe March or April), so it might have been introduced in one of the recent patches.

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Re: Possible setobslabel bug on unstructured pages

Postby EViews Jason » Wed Jun 24, 2020 10:57 am

That is actually bug that has been in for quite some time.

We will get it fixed in the next patch.

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