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"_this.display" and freeze: allow freeze of user defined object shown in the window of another object

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:40 am
by mamo
Dear EVIEWS team,

I use EVIEWS 9.5 Dec 2016 built

EViews allows displaying the contents of a table, graph, or spool object in the window of another object by having a line with "_this.display" in the respective add-in.

Let us assume the user-defined addin "myaddin" registered with series-objects attaches a table display to the series. I found out that the following command line would not generate the table "mytable", as exepcted

freeze(mytable) aseries.myaddin

It would be good if in future versions of EVIEWS, the freeze command could be extended so that it can be applied to such user-defined objects.