Command to improve sample arithemtics

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Command to improve sample arithemtics

Postby mamo » Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:12 am

Dear Eviews team

I use Eviews Version 9.5

For future versions of Eviews, I would you like to consider the following improvements to facilitate working with samples in a program.

command "smplshift(s1,n1[,n2])"
s1: Sample
n1, n2: Integers

This would shift the lower (upper) time limit of a sample by n1 (n2) periods forward (if n1 or n2 > 0), or backward (if n1 or n2 <0), with periods being in line with the workpage frequency. n2 should be optional - n2 missing means that both, the lower and upper period limit are shifted by the same amount n1.

Reason: in the current design, only expanding or shrinking the upper time limit of a simple sample which must not entail an if-condition is easily possible. Shifting time limits of samples which entail if-conditions is to my knowledge not possible. Furthermore, shifting both, the upper and the lower time limits at the same time, or shifting only the lower time limit, seems to require a cumbersome work-around with a couple of lines of code.

Does not seem to be a big deal but would certainly facilitate the programing of rolling samples.

Best, mamo

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