Lite License Frustration

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Lite License Frustration

Postby william » Sat Jul 09, 2016 5:03 pm


I'm an undergraduate student and my college uses eviews in our statistics classes, but in my opinion there's a serious drawback. There is no way to export the data from my assignments to csv, xslx or even text. The concept of free license to students is to introduce them to eviews environment, so they will use it afterwards when we graduate. But what if I want to try my assignment in R? I have to go to the college labs and use the college's license, save it to csv and then try, which is frustrating. I respect the effort of making specialised software, but we are living in the torrent Era. Why do you punish me for being ethical? Ok, if you believe that save as excel file would harm the company, why don't you let us to copy the data manually from the spreadsheet view, so it would be inefficient for a professional to use it extensively.

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