help putting multicountry econometric model into Eviews

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help putting multicountry econometric model into Eviews

Postby rayfair » Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:24 am

I would like to hire some to put my multicountry econometric (MC) model into Eviews. I have put my US model into Eviews, see:
but the MC model is more challenging. Probably a few weeks of work, and a few modeling tricks will probably be needed. No time pressure. If you are interested, please email Once the code is working, it will be free to the public. Ray Fair

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Multicountry Fair Model

Postby TimNew11 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:32 am

I have a question to the importing of the multi-country fair model into Eviews. The trouble is, that the import seems not to work. I am using Eviews 8.1. On the fairmodel-webpage, the instructions where i am stuck are:
"MCEV.DAT Data on 19028 variables for 1952:1--2022:4 that can be read using the file, import, read options in EViews. 19028 series, in rows, not rectangle. "
I check the in rows options and uncheck the rectangle option, but this is not sufficient. The problem seems in the import module to not assign any series names.
I know there is a Eviews-workfile which can be downloaded, but I need to perform some adaptations, that's why I would like to go through these stages myself.
I hope someone can help me!

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