open and convert excel files

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open and convert excel files

Postby rbriceno » Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:00 pm

Hello. I am working on Eviews 3.1 in windows xp environment. I am starting to discover the capabilities of programming that Eviews has. From my reading on programming manual I was able to produce the following program:

workfile isin1 m 2006:1 2010:6
read(a2,s=sheet1) isin1.xls 36
close isin1

The isin# name is the name I assigned to the individual excel files that I must import to Eviews. I read that for or loop can help me to automatize the task I'm doing (define eviews workfile, import excel file, save and close). I have two questions:

1. Is there a way to just use the programming lines I wrote, for importing the 97 excel files (not consecutive numbering)?
2. The 97 files were extracted from a bigger excel file that contains information for 324 instruments (each instrument with its corresponding 54 time series observations can be a file). Is there a way to extract the desired 97 sets of data without the need to save individual excel files? in this case what command should I use?

Thanks for your help

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