Pagesave crash and Eviews compatability

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Pagesave crash and Eviews compatability

Postby erinhd » Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:33 am


I am trying to save several data series to an Excel file using the following command:

pagesave(type=excelxml, mode=update) {%outpath}Table2-1_template.xlsx range="NEAR" @smpl {%table1_start} {%table1_start}+3 @keep _ unc gdp emp

The command causes Eviews to exit immediately if the Excel file already exists. If the Excel file does not exist, the command will create a new one. I am using Eviews 10+ (June 4, 2019 Build). However, when this program is run on the June 4, 2018 Build, it will update an existing Excel without a problem.


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Re: Pagesave crash and Eviews compatability

Postby EViews Jason » Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:04 am

If possible, could you send me ( your workfile?

If not, please post more information about your workfile such as range and frequency. Please also include the specific values for {%outpath} and {%table1_start} in your program that is causing the crash.

Thirdly, on your computer create the c:\temp directory (if it doesnt already exist). Next in your EViews program just before the pagesave line, add

Code: Select all

logmode(filename="c:\temp\log.txt") all

After EViews crashes and in the c:\temp directory, you will find the log.txt file. Please post the contents of that file.

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