export data with no #N/A in blanks

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export data with no #N/A in blanks

Postby chairake » Thu Jan 31, 2019 7:22 pm


I have a little trouble about exporting data from eviews work-file to excel because there are
#N/A in blanks event I command to avoid the case. How can I adapt my code to delete #N/A in my blank cell.

This is my code (I understand that na= blank is a key to solve my problem. However, after I try such as na= ' ', na = " ". It didn,t work. )

wfsave(type=excelxml , na= blank) "e:\documents\++++material forecast\4 mat forecast result keep\Forecast\forecast as of 2019m1.xlsm" @keep YEAR_MONTH AREA MATERIAL Q QF Q_GROWTH Q_GROWTHF Q_MA3_GROWTH Q_MA3_GROWTHF Q_MA3_TREND_GROWTH Q_MA3_TREND_GROWTHF LEADING1 LEADING2 LEADING3

Thank you


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