EqTabs - add AIC and SIC values to table

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EqTabs - add AIC and SIC values to table

Postby mreitrics » Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:35 pm

Hello EViews Users,

Is there any ways to add other estimator values like AIC, SIC and DW to the bottom of the EqTabs (EqSumTab)?

In the eqsumtab.prg can I just grab sets of codes and modify them?

For example, I'm assuming these sets of codes are what list F-prob to the bottom of table. These codes are from different lines/locations of eqsubtab.prg, and they are separated by "------------------------"

Code: Select all

!doFProb = 0         'Add F-prob

%FPDP = "4"         'Number of decimal plaecs to display the F P-val

%temp = @equaloption("FProb")
   if @len(%temp) then
      %FPDP =%temp

if !doFProb = 1 then
            !fpval = 1-@cfdist(@abs({%eqname}.@f),{%eqname}.@ncoef-1,!df)  'calculate f pvalue
            %fpval = @str(!fpval,%fpformat)  'convert to string
            {%tabname}(!rowcounter+1+!doObs+!dor2+!dofstat,!colcounter) = %fpval

if !doFProb then    'add F p-value
   {%tabname}(!rowcounter,1) = "Prob(F-stat):"
   {%tabname}.setfont(!rowcounter,1) +i
   !rowcounter = !rowcounter+1

Could I just somehow modify them to pull AIC. If so, what is the variables that pull the AIC?

Thank you

EViews Gareth
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Re: EqTabs - add AIC and SIC values to table

Postby EViews Gareth » Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:06 pm

Yep. I am on my phone in the middle of Korean the jungle at the moment, so can’t see original program, but there will be something along the lines of {%eqname}.@fstat which you can replace with {%eqname}.@aic
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