wfopen and import in Eviews 10

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wfopen and import in Eviews 10

Postby DumplingPeng » Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:22 am


I am using Eviews 10.

I tried to imprt/wfopen excel files formatted as xlsx as attached.
The code I used as following
for %cn %fn Chil 226
wfopen {%dir1}\{%cn}{%type}
I obtained some message like "table does not exist ....." while I run code above.

I can not successfully wfopen/import the excel files until
i) I execute code above in Eviews 9
or ii) I rename the worksheet name from "工作表1" to "Chil", some English name

Could anyone kindly take a look for me? I have no idea what happened. I need to open/import over 500 files formatted in xlsx. I don't really want to manually rename worksheet for those 500+ files... So...any comments are welcome. Thank you very much in advanced.

Plus, I have installed the updates of 20180604 for Eviews 10.
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