ardl - string for long run form

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ardl - string for long run form

Postby tvonbrasch » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:53 am


I have an ARDL object estimated with a long run equilibrum form (EC)

EC = LOG(PBOL) - (3.6430*LOG((RD300-RAM300)/PC) -2.2491
*LOG(K83) + 0.0510*LOG(BG300/PC) -3.1453*((1+4*RENPF300*(1
-TRTMNW)))/(PC/PC(-4)+0.03) -10.3220 )

What code can I use to retrieve the string expression for EC?

You have those commands for coefficients, i.e
    @ardlcoint returns a coef containing coefficients from the cointegrating relationship form of an ARDL estimation.
    @ardllrcoefs returns a coef containing coefficients from the long run relationship form of a non-panel ARDL estimation.

But for strings, I can only find
    @ardlcointsubst returns string representation of the cointegration form of an ARDL equation with substituted coefficients.

Is there a command for @ardllrsubst? if not, is there another way I can retrieve it?

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