Insufficient number of observations!! [URGENT]

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Insufficient number of observations!! [URGENT]

Postby AfonsoRod » Wed May 31, 2017 8:24 am

Hi there

First let me tell you that I'm really new in EViews and in econometric matters so I'm sorry if sometimes I may seem a bit dumb in my questions.
I'm a student in Economics at Universidade da Beira Interior (Portugal) and for one of my classes I need to reproduce a already existent article in order to start to understanding how this thing works.
The article I'm working on is "CO2 emissions, output, energy consumption, and trade in Tunisia" by Sahbi Farhani, Anissa Chaibi and Christophe Rault (Link here: ... 9314000285). At some point, we're asked to do a Johansen maximum eigenvalue test, but when I try to do it a message appears saying "Insufficient number of observations". I already understand that the variable that its causing this problem is the y^2, since as soon as I remove it the error stops occurring. The thing is that in the article the authors included this variable so I'm not understanding why this error is occurring.
Can someone please help me?

PS- I attached my excel with the Database, my Eviews workfile and the Word file with the progress I already made (witch is quite few)
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