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When importing intraday data from Bloomberg, timestamps look off

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:09 am
by maren

I've currently started a project using intraday data from Bloomberg. However, I find that something seems off in the way either Bloomberg or Eviews translates intraday time stamps. Or can this be fixed via configuration on my side?

- When importing financial data to Excel, I get the correct time stamps for my time zone (CET).
- When importing the exact same data to Bloomberg, my workfile shows the data one our earlier.
- For instance, the value of "OMX index" at CET10:45 (1488.496) today shows up at 09:45 in my Eviews workfile.

Is Eviews defaulting to some other time zone than the one I'm in? If so, how do I change that? Or adjust for it?