fetch from Eurostat database

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fetch from Eurostat database

Postby ErikG » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:30 am


The first fetch always works but the following two do not, irrespective of the ordering of the queries ... any ideas?

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WfCreate C:\temp\temp.wf1 a 1980 2020

dbopen(type=eurostat, server=http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/sdmx/diss-web/rest)

  %query1 = "nama_10_a64__freq=a.geo=DE.nace_r2=total.na_item=B1G.unit=cp_meur"
  %query2 = "nama_10_a64__freq=a.geo=AT.nace_r2=total.na_item=B1G.unit=cp_meur"
  %query3 = "nama_10_a64__freq=a.geo=SE.nace_r2=total.na_item=B1G.unit=cp_meur"
   Fetch(d=eurostatsdmx) {%query3}
   Fetch(d=eurostatsdmx) {%query1}
   Fetch(d=eurostatsdmx) {%query2}

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Re: fetch from Eurostat database

Postby EViews Katerina » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:33 am

Change the fetch commands as follows :
Fetch(d=eurostat) {%query3}
Fetch(d=eurostat) {%query1}
Fetch(d=eurostat) {%query2}

If you have previously created a database alias for Eurostat with the name eurostatsdmx then
Fetch(d=eurostatsdmx) {%query} should have been successful as well.


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