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WFSAVE Date Format

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:32 am

I am working in EViews10 with annual data. When I export my data to a comma delimited txt file using WFSAVE the date format changes from YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD. Is there any way to keep the format as YYYY?

Note: I want to avoid using Excel or other applications to do this if possible!

Note 2: In a previous thread EViews Chris indicated that the format is always set to YYYY-MM-DD. Has there been an update since 2013?

Many thanks for your help!


Re: WFSAVE Date Format

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:35 am
by EViews Gareth
Nothing has changed. You can work around it by creating your own series equal to @year and saving that.