merged auto-updating graphs not linked to data

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merged auto-updating graphs not linked to data

Postby cbonham » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:44 pm

I am trying to merge multiple auto-updating graph objects into a single graph using the merge command: ... merge.html

I have tried merging the auto-updating graph objects using merge and also freeze. Neither results in a graph that can be linked to the underlying data.

Code: Select all

group visus_hi_g  visus_hi  visus_hi_0  visus_hi_q2  dlog(visus_hi_0)
group visus_hon_g  visus_hon  visus_hon_0  visus_hon_q2  dlog(visus_hon_0)

freeze(mode=overwrite,visus_hi_solgr) visus_hi_g.mixed line(1,2,3) bar(4)
visus_hi_solgr.setupdate(auto) 2015Q1 @last

freeze(mode=overwrite,visus_hon_solgr) visus_hon_g.mixed line(1,2,3) bar(4)
visus_hon_solgr.setupdate(auto) 2015Q1 @last

'    merge  graphs
graph visus_solgr.merge visus_hi_solgr visus_hon_solgr

'   format merged graphs
visus_solgr.draw(line, bottom, pattern(dash1)) 2015:1
visus_solgr.draw(line, bottom, pattern(dash1)) 2017:2
visus_solgr.draw(line, bottom, pattern(dash1)) 2020:1
visus_solgr.datelabel format(yyyy[q]Q)
visus_solgr.axis overlap
visus_solgr.setelem(4) axis(r)
show visus_solgr

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Re: merged auto-updating graphs not linked to data

Postby EViews Jason » Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:07 pm

Due to how graphs are internally created via the merge command, the child graphs cannot be linked to data.

You will have to manually recreate the merged graph after every update.

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