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AddIn groupstatby

Postby mamo » Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:28 am

Dear all

please find attached an AddIn named "groupstatby".

(In order to use it, one would rename the file attached to "groupstatby.aipz")

The AddIn provides uni- or bivariate (e.g.: correlation, or covariance) statistics of the series contained in a Group, or of a single Series, or of one or more series whose names are listed in an Svector.

The output of is provided as a table view in the calling object's own window. A calling object can be a Group, a Series, or an Svector.

Please find more detailed documentation in the doc-file named "groupstatby.txt".
After installation, the documentation file shows up as a text view in the calling object's own window with the command line

groupname.groupstatby ?

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