Connectivity - Lost heart beat

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Connectivity - Lost heart beat

Postby ksfong » Mon Jan 05, 2009 11:35 pm


Our organization has recently implemented Eviews6 with 100 site license. There was occasion that a faculty had successful connected to Eviews 6 and subsequently exit when he finished his task. But a while later, he tried to click on Eviews6 icon to launch the application, he got the following message:

'Unable to obtain license from server (my license server IP): unable to connect to server.'

He tried again and was unsuccessful. I had a look at the license manager log files are saw this

granted license #120 for serial 60K00440 to aurobindo@
reclaimed license #120 held by aurobindo@ due to lost heartbeat

Possible to explain why he did not managed to reconnect after closing the application awhile ago and what is lost heartbeat?
He was able to log in much later say an hour later...


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Re: Connectivity - Lost heart beat

Postby EViews Jason » Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:33 am

When using a concurrent use license, EViews must maintain constant communication with the license server. As part of maintaining communication, EViews sends 'heartbeats' to the server, indicating EView is still running and therefore still using a license. If the either the network, server, or client machine is very busy, it is possible you will 'lose' heartbeats meaning EViews was unable to communicate with the server.

Two possible explanations as to why your user was able to connect an hour later, 1)there may have been a lot of network traffic from other users in your institution or 2)they may been an application running on the client machine which was CPU 'starving' EViews. Without examining your network at the time it occurred, it is really hard to say what exactly happened.

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