Testing random walk using the ADF test

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Testing random walk using the ADF test

Postby Nisreen Awad » Mon Nov 26, 2018 2:53 pm

Hi. im using Eiews 10 University edition . im a beginner in eviews and learning it by myself to help in my research. i want to a simple way of random walk testing , i use unit root test , the ADF test , but im not sure about interpreting the results . i know hoe to tell weather the series is stationary or non stationary from ADF test , but which value statistic in ADF will indicate that the series is random or non random, if series is stationary, is that enough to prove its not random? and if i want to test AR(1) model to check data is following this model or not , and the coefficient value was o.oooooo6 with probability 0.9805 and t-stat -0.02443 , what does that mean ? does it mean its random walk ? i hope i can get answer as soon as possible. and if you recommend specific books/ journals i can use to get more understanding of this. :)

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