KPSS interpretation

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KPSS interpretation

Postby hayfa » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:13 pm

Please i need help in interpreting KPSS output !
i began the estimation of the model with trend and constant
KPSS ---- LM test: 0,076387
1% 0,216000
5% 0,146000
10% 0,119000
C Prob:0,2933
trend Prob:0,2682

so, i found that the trend is no significant
then i switched to estimate the model with only the constant
KPSS----LM test:0,125151
1% 0,739000
5% 0,463000
10% 0,347000
C Prob:0,8555
I see that the constant is no significant
And as i see in eviews that KPSS test has not a model with none (constant and trend)

I dont know if my reasoning is correct or not.
I hope you can help me to know if the series is stationary or not!
Thank you!

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