Great help on Stochastic Volatility

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Great help on Stochastic Volatility

Postby fmathew » Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:57 am

Please I need an urgent help.
My manuscript has just been accepted for a presentation at an annual Conference. I'll be presenting on Inflation, Inflation Uncertainty and output growth. In the accepted abstract, I hoped to use Stochastic Volatility Model but up till now, I still don't get it.
Could you please put me through in the running of the analysis (Stochastic Volatility model)?
I would be making use of quarterly data on inflation and GDP for the five countries, and I have gotten the data. Please I need your help and support on the analysis aspect as I am really having a close deadline.
Please I dont mind a personal tutor or who can just help me run it to meet the deadline please. I'm begging you all please. Please I only have eviews package for now.

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