program specification and interpretation

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program specification and interpretation

Postby the economist » Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:55 pm

Hi eviews group,

I am doing a research in a simulation of a tax on soft drinks.

I am using a dynamic aids model and I want to calculate the price elasticity. Anyone knows how is the string program?

Here some specification of the model:

I have different goods (7). below a string of a specification on one of them:
"alidyn.append w1=a(1)+g(1)*p1+g(2)*p2+g(3)*p3+g(4)*p4+g(5)*p5+g(6)*p6+g(7)*p7+b(1)*(x-logps)+s(1)*@seas(1)+s(2)*@seas(2)+s(3)*@seas(3)+s(4)*@seas(4)+s(5)*@seas(5)+s(6)*@seas(6)+s(7)*@seas(7)+s(8)*@seas(8)+s(9)*@seas(9)+s(10)*@seas(10)+s(11)*@seas(11)+t(1)*@trend+r(1)*w1(-1)+r(2)*w2(-1)+r(3)*w3(-1)+r(4)*w4(-1)+r(5)*w5(-1)+r(6)*w6(-1)+(-r(1)-r(2)-r(3)-r(4)-r(5)-r(6))*w7(-1)"

I have to do the same calculation for a no-dynamic specification..

Anyone can help me?

I am trying to interpret the output of the model also.

Does anyone know about what parameters should I focus?

If you want any information, just tell me what you need.

Thank you in advanced :)

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