Baseline scenario is overwritten when using an add factor?

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Baseline scenario is overwritten when using an add factor?

Postby tzink » Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:54 pm

I'm running into an issue when I use an add factor to change the solved values of an endogenous variable in a scenario. The add factor successfully changes the solved values of the variable in the scenario, but it *also* changes the values in the baseline scenario. Using the following code:

Code: Select all

smpl @all
_al_1.scenario(n, a=_ss1) "sc 2"
_al_1.scenario(c) "baseline"
_al_1.scenario "sc 2"

smpl 1995 @last
GENR QSsec_a = QSsec*0.1
smpl @all
_al_1.addassign(v) QSsec

smpl 1958 2010
_al_1.solve(s=d, d=d, a=f, f=f)
smpl 1958 2010
_al_1.makegraph(a, g=v, c) _m1_sc2_g @endog
_al_1.makegroup(d, g=v, c, t=pch) _m1_sc2_t @endog

The solved values for QSsec are changed from what they would be if I didn't include the add factor, but they're identical in the "sc2" and "baseline" scenarios. This obviously makes it difficult to compare the effects of the add factor intervention.

How can I protect the baseline values so that the baseline is solved without using the add factor?

I see the following from p.539 in the Eviews User Guide II:
"If an add factor is present in any scenario, then it must be present in every scenario, although the values of the add factor can be overridden for a particular scenario in the same way as for an exogenous variable."

However, it's not possible to use an override on the baseline scenario, so I don't think this helps me much...

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