Solve for target, subset of forecast

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Solve for target, subset of forecast

Postby maavtc » Wed Nov 12, 2014 6:56 pm

I'm using a model with an estimation period ranging from 1960Q1 to 2014Q3 and a forecast from 2014Q4 to 2024Q4. I would like to use the control command in order to target the values for some series using an add factor, but I would like to only target a subset of the forecast period ( 2020Q1 to 2024Q4). The problem is that I get an error saying I have missing data when I try to start at 2020Q1. I think the problem comes from the fact that my equations contains lags and that I don't have any data at 2019Q4 in the actuals (X) but only in the baseline forecast (X_0). I think I could copy the values for the baseline forecast into the actuals up to 2019Q4 but I have a lot of variables (hundreds) and I'm not sure how to that. What would be the simplest way to target a subset of the forecast period.
I have seen an another post that I think may be useful but I'm not sure.
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