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Unable to display help right pane across the Network

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 6:53 am
by lpapakonstantinou
Dear all,

we are facing a problem with displaying right pane content of Help menu topics (F1) from within Eviews 10 menu.

We are running Eviews10 via a network file share and we had faced the same issue a couple of months ago and managed to resolve it
by adding to our users' PCs registry records as per below workaround provided from Microsoft :

Apparently, this has stopped working, probably due to some sort of security update taking place during May 2018.

We have tried digging into the *.ini files of Eviews for settings relevant to "HelpPath" with no success.

Apart from copying the help file locally to the users' PCs and running it by double-clicking the .chm file, is there any workaround in order
to continue opening it from within Eviews10 menu?

Thank you very much in advance!!

Re: Unable to display help right pane across the Network

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 7:48 am
by EViews Steve
There's a command line function in EViews to help with registering a network file path so that the contents can be read properly. To use this, open a DOS prompt (with admin rights), and go to your EViews 10 folder. Then run either " /?" or " /?" at the prompt to see all the available command line options for EViews:

Code: Select all

EViews supports the following command line parameters:
  /? and /help - Displays this help message.

  EViews command -- Runs specified EViews command upon startup
      e.g. "eviews10_x64.exe" RUN sync arg1 arg2
      e.g. "eviews10_x64.exe" OPEN "c:\sync.prg"
      e.g. "eviews10_x64.exe" WFOPEN "c:\my path\annual.wf1"

  /(un)associate - Associates EViews with its own file types.
  /(un)associatef - Associates EViews with supported third party file types.

  /regcom(silent) - Registers all EViews components.
  /(un)register(silent) - Registers EViews COM Automation only.

  /helpregister(silent) "help dir" - Registers help path in registry.
  /supportinfo - Displays EViews support information.

  /machineid - Displays the current machine id.
  /registerlicense "serial number" <"name"> <"reg key"> <server:port>
                   <license group> <"cloning key">
                   - Register EViews serial number.
  /proxyregisterlicense "serial number" <"name"> <"proxy PAC file" or "NULL">
                   <"proxy server"> <"proxy username"> <"proxy password">
  /registerserver <primary server><":port"> <primary license group> <"secondary server"><":port"> <"secondary license group">
  /showlicense - Shows current EViews licensing.
  /clearlicense <all|standalone|concurrent|lab>- Removes EViews licensing.

You can see one of the options is /helpregister followed by a path in quotes, for example:

Code: Select all /helpregister "\\servername\folder1\folder2"

or for EViews 10 64-bit:

Code: Select all /helpregister "\\servername\folder1\folder2"

This function edits your Windows registry at the following location:

Code: Select all


It is essentially doing what that Microsoft link you sent is describing. Our function writes the new path in the registry under both 32-bit and 64-bit nodes.

See if this works for you...


Re: Unable to display help right pane across the Network

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 12:42 am
by lpapakonstantinou
Thank you very much for your prompt response.

Unfortunately, the below command with helpregister switch, did not fix our issue. Actually, we had performed the registry editing in order to add the unc path in end user's terminal pc but after May2018 Windows security update it stopped working.

I was wondering whether there is any explicit setting in EViews32.ini that could direct Eviews application to retrieve the help.chm file from a local directory instead of the UNC path.

As per various posts it seems that apart from waiting for June 2018 Windows Update there is a workaround that is described in the below url (I am posting it in case other people face the same issue - it works for us):

It would be helpful to inform us whether there is any other quick fix/setting from the application side that could resolve that issue.

Thanking you in advance

Re: Unable to display help right pane across the Network

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 6:14 am
by EViews Steve
There currently isn't an easy way to redirect EViews to look for help files in a different directory. We'll look into at adding that...